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Yoga Evolution Workshop

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This two-hour workshop will help you find your happy comfortable seat again! The first hour will focus on re-membering your body with comfortable easy movement and breath.
During the second hour we will take this newly remembered awareness into a soft yin practice with some gentle hands on work from our instructor/facilitator Tricia Messinger.

Reiki I/II Holy Fire® III Certification Workshop

September 13 – 15

Reiki I/II Holy Fire® III Certification Workshop

$320 ($120 deposit to hold your space, this final installment will be due before the first class.)

Rei: Devine Wisdom

Ki: Universal Life Force

During this training you will be guided through the basics of Reiki, and what it means to be a Reiki healer/practitioner. You will receive the first and second degree Reiki energy placement of Holy Fire® energy, which you can use to provide healing to yourself and others. You will also learn and experience:

The history and evolution of Reiki
Holy Fire® Experience and Placement
How Reiki works
The practical applications & beneficial effects of Reiki
How to do Gassho Meditation
Byosen Scanning and Beaming
How to do a self treatment
The standard Reiki hand positions for others and self
Using Kenyoku at the end of your treatment sessions.
Professional practice standards
Practice treatments on self and others
A placement “attunement” to the 3 Usui Healing Symbols.
How to use the Usui Symbols in doing your Reiki Sessions for self and others.
How to do distant or remote healing sessions
Beginners lesson in Crystal gridding

Students will be provided with an ICRT manual for this training.