Class Descriptions

Aerial Intro/Level 1

No yoga or aerial experience needed–this class is perfect for the complete beginner. In the Intro to Aerial Yoga class, you will stretch, swing, invert, build strength, learn about yourself and your body while you are supported or suspended in an aerial yoga hammock.

Aerial Level 2

This course is for students with previous aerial yoga experience. Students should be comfortable inverting in the fabric alone with safety and good form.


Learn all the alignment and actions in various yoga poses and use these skills to develop an intelligent practice. Build strength and flexibility, as well as proprioception, as you learn the how and why of poses. Students should expect to work with various props in order to facilitate optimal alignment.


Awaken your attention in this 60-minute meditative flow class drawing your mind inward to experience the full benefits of yoga. You can expect a flowing series of postures strengthening and releasing tension from the body while coordinating with the breath. The linking of rhythmic breath and movement create a meditative, relaxing experience all while flowing through the sequence to generate optimal wellness and mind body unity. All levels are welcome!

Gentle Aerial

Use an aerial yoga hammock to unwind. Take time in each posture to relax and create space in your body. The hammock will be used in various ways to support and prop the body throughout class. This class finishes with a decadent savasana (relaxtion pose) in the hammock.

Introduction to Yoga

This class is designed for the new yoga student wishing to explore and experience the benefits of yoga. You will learn basic yoga poses (asanas), safe alignment, mindful transitions, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques. This class will build strength, increase flexibility, and expand body and breath awareness; while creating a practice of calming in the mind. Intro to Yoga will provide students the basics and confidence to transition to a more advanced class. Props and modifications will be utilized to allow all students to practice safely and effectively. 


Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Exercise, stretch, meditate, and breathe. Students experience a little bit of everything in terms of content, intensity, and pace. Poses and certain sequencing derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. This dynamic flow class will not follow a set sequence and may be different from week to week or class to class. Some days Iyenger and restorative elements are added. Available to practitioners at any stage in their practice. Prior knowledge of yoga poses will be useful.


A great complement to more active yoga practices, sports, crossfit, etc. as well as for those with fascial conditions like fibromyalgia; Yin yoga works with the connective tissues by holding postures with props in a more passive way to allow deep release.  A meditative practice, postures are held for three or more minutes, without movement, and in stillness we observe our whole being with detached awareness.  While this is not restorative yoga, it is a very restorative practice beneficial to anyone looking for increased flexibility, stamina, joint lubrication, and energy as well as decreased stress and a calming of the mind and body.