Private Instruction

Private instruction allows the client to receive personal, individualized attention that he or she would not receive in a community yoga class. Working in small groups or one on one creates the opportunity to receive a uniquely tailored class designed to suit the yoga experience you desire. I offer a mix of class styles from therapeutic classes that will improve one’s wellness in their daily life addressing flexibility, strengthening, and balance or classes for those who desire a more vigorous practice to enhance their mind body workout. Clients will begin to reap the physical benefits as well as learning sustainable, holistic techniques to flourish in his or her life.

Private Sessions are ideal for you if:

Need a more therapeutic approach to support recovery and healing. 
Want to focus on specific areas of the yoga practice.
Are brand new to yoga.
Would like other holistic modalities infused into your class (reiki, ayurveda, coaching, etc.) 
Need to learn modifications to prepare and support themselves in group classes.
Have a busy schedule and need to set their own time for class.
Want to work on alignment, posture, and movement. 
Desire a deeper level of guidance that group classes do not offer. 


Contact us below and we will pair you with an instructor that best meets your needs. 

Work one on one with one of our instructors to receive personal, individualized attention. During the lesson, you will receive specific instruction for your body in each pose. Prices may vary.

Private Sessions are $85 per 60 minute session.
$600 for package of 10
$350 for package of 5

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