Yoga Therapy 

What is Yoga Therapy?

An integrative approach, Yoga Therapy strives to balance the whole being by treating the cause of imbalance or illness and utilizing mindful movement, breath work, body posture, and life style choices to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Take the time and invest in your personalized self care. Boerne Yoga offers private one on one yoga sessions that are designed to meet the unique needs of you. We also offer small group, private sessions in addition to special events such as; wedding parties, conferences, corporate, showers, girls night out and other innovative and nourishing ways that you harness community and wellness.

Private Sessions are ideal for you if:

Need a more therapeutic approach to support recovery and healing. 
Want to focus on specific areas of the yoga practice.
Are brand new to yoga.
Would like other holistic modalities infused into your class (reiki, ayurveda, consulting, etc.) 
Need to learn modifications to prepare and support themselves in group classes.
Have a busy schedule and need to set their own time for class.
Want to work on alignment, posture, and movement. 
Desire a deeper level of guidance that group classes do not offer. 

Inquire about Private Instruction and Yoga Therapy below.

Client Mentorship and Integrative Coaching with Melissa Aguirre 

Merging the somatic aspects of yoga with the cognitive element of mentoring generates a holistic and influential experience. 

This is for those who are looking to address stress management and wellness through the yoga practice and one-on-one mentoring. These sessions focus on both the physical practice of yoga  and lifestyle enhancement coaching. This includes but is not limited to yoga asana, meditation, yoga nidra, breath work, mindfulness, Ayurvedic practices, Chakra Therapy, energy medicine, stress management, holistic consulting, and self care. 

Topics addressed include: 

Ways to enrich your personal yoga practice.
Living on purpose through tools to create a life by design rather than living by default.
Learning the art of self care.
Create relief, clarity, and hope.
Pinpointing and resolving thought forms that inhibit abundance and wellness.
Discover what truly makes you feel alive by letting go of what does not serve you.
Deepen your meditation and mindfulness practices to enhance presence.
Learning how to tune into your internal guidance system and develop self-trust, confidence, and self-worth. 
Release habits of perfectionism and move into connection.

Due to being limited on number of clients I can currently take on- if you are interested in Client Mentorship please contact me at 704-962-0771 or email to schedule a complimentary 15-30 minute power call to discuss your needs. OR inquire below.

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